Shipyard Nordic TV Unit - 4 Doors

The Shipyard collection in one word? Unique. Why is it so unique you ask? Because each piece is literally like no other, no two are the same! Unlike some ranges that just look quirky and get branded with the term, each piece is hand crafted from old fishing boats the sailed the strait of Malacca, and each piece of furniture can be traced back to its original boat. So, when we say unique, we mean it.

Made from 100% dismantled boat wrecks, the range gives new life to the materials that have withstood years of rough seas. After they reach the end of their lifespan they are broken down in to large planks. The bolts, nails and screws are removed, often leaving holes in the planks, we like to call this character.

Because the wood has spent so long battling the elements, it is extremely strong although a little on the damp side, so each piece is kiln dried for 15 days, this preserves the paint flecks, cracks and holes – all together with a little industrial twist to finish off the look and you’ve got yourself a truly, honestly unique piece.

Shipyard Nordic TV Unit - 4 Doors
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Matthew Weeks review

"Ordered a dining room set and a l-shaped sofa. The quality of the products I ordered is wonderful! The sofa in particular is possibly the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in. From order to delivery, the process was so smooth, and I was kept updated throughout. I would highly recommend Silcox S & W!"

W200cm H77cm D45cm