The mighty Turin!

Picture this: The necklace is knotted and the second earring is missing, oh no!No problem with the Turin [...]

Pets on Sofas

Oh boy! It's here! Pets On Sofas is back. Send us photos of your amazing pets on your sofa, your chair, your bed, [...]

A Tale of Two Bedrooms

Here at Silcox, we’ve been kitting out our customers’ bedrooms for a long time, over a hundred and fifteen [...]

Orange is in!

Aaaand Relax... To celebrate our recent refurbishment, our showroom is now boasting a fetching pair of orange sofas [...]

The Monster of Montellá

As giant, friendly, cuddle monsters go, the new Montellá sofa is definitely the one you want in your living room! [...]

Tardis Refurbished!

Have you been in our shop recently? If you’ve been into our shop here in Bath before, you know that the Silcox Son [...]

Love Sleep? Look no further …

Take me to the Ambassador Comfortable, durable and the key to a great nights sleep. Up to 9000 [...]

2018, what’s hot?

We always like to stay ahead of the curve... We've seen the previews from all your favourites on the high street [...]

National Bed Month (the best month!)

Sleep is so, so important You could be doing all the right things when it comes to sleep – eating the right [...]

Hello, have we met?

Welcome to our first weekly email blog post on our newly revamped website! We hope you like our new look which is [...]

Shipyard – Limited Edition!?

  Every now and then, a range of furniture pops up that simply makes us think 'WOW!' - 100 years in the trade and [...]

Lighting? That’s so Metal. 🤘

  Whoa whoa, now before you pop open the keg of beer and start moshing it’s worth mentioning that we’re [...]

What’s all this about Pocket Sprung Mattresses then?

  It's simple, Pocket Sprung is the best! Here's why - “You must always invest in good shoes and a high [...]