In,1900 Frank Silcox is working for Bath Cabinet Makers as their foreman and is persuaded by the other workers to ask for a pay raise for all the men. In a Dickensian manner, the owners sacked him on the spot. He then decides to start his own and forms his own manufacturing business.

In 1900 franks son Ted joins him to start selling their products to the public and forms Silcox & Son.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s see the start of the art deco revolution and Albert Wicks Marries Mary, and joins the family business to form Silcox Son & Wicks.

He starts making the first pocket spring mattress by sewing the springs into calico in the back bedroom of their flat.

Dennis at War in Russian Convoy

The 1940’s sees the outbreak of war so Alberts son Dennis leaves the family business and joins the navy to fight in the war.

Where he sees action on the notourious Russian Convoys, a bit chilly he told me.

The business continues to make and sell furniture although supply is incredibly difficult with the introduction of ration books.

The store gets blitzed so business life becomes even more difficult.

silcox son and wicks shop front

The 1950’s brings the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, Silcox Son and Wicks fly the flags to celebrate (as you can see on the left).

New fashion is disappointing however the decade brings Rock n Roll and more importantly to us, the end of rationing.

Frank moves to Kingsmead Square where he acquires number 5 New Street and the family live above the shop and workshop.

Not only does he use his skills to make furniture but also

1960s Furniture

The 60’s and 70’s brought interesting fashion statements in clothing with the mini skirt and even mini cars.

Furniture fashion was influenced by Scandinavian designs and is interestingly seeing a revival today.

Silcox Son and Wicks expand upholstery production to their new sites in Bristol and continues to ‘move with the times’.

1990's Fashion Furniture

During the 80’s and 90′ Silcox expands its premises in Bath and opens a factory in Bristol
Fashion continues to change and Silcox not only follows but creates its own styles.

Shabby Chic is trending and our upholstery ranges expand vastly.

2000's Vintage Sofas

The turn of the century brings a move away from fabrics and into leather and natural timbers.

We travel the world to find great suppliers of beautiful vintage leathers and a really eclectic mix exciting new designs

The property boom seems unstoppable and creates grand designs in both houses and the furniture that adorns them. Silcox Son and Wicks source from around the world to offer the very latest styles.

Our showroom in the city of Bath, Somerset
Today, we are able to use our vast experience, that over a century of trading has given us, to offer our customers an exciting mix of great design, sumptuous comfort, personal service and above all amazing value for money.